Brand - Cotton Candy

Ever since its market launch in the year 2012, Cotton Candy stands for fashion with unique features. Since then, the dynamic Düsseldorf label with its fulfillment center in Limbach-Oberfrohna has taken the fashion world by storm.

Four innovative ready-to-wear lines, of which two spring/summer and two fall/winter collections, are designed by the creative team around the two co-founders Sandra Csikos and Ümit Ekinci. The contemporary 80s to 90s styles are respectively available in various colors. Subranges with four- to six-piece topic sets structure the lines. Beginning with the spring/summer 2018 season, a little “Fast Capsule Collection” is added to the respective existing lines. The 10 to 15 seasonal must-have styles will be available as a limited edition and only distributed via the B2B portal.

The concept has captivated renowned boutiques, concept stores and classic fashion stores throughout Germany and beyond its borders: at more than 350 points of sales, Cotton Candy has meanwhile become an established feature of the product range.

Cotton Candy pays special attention to the production of its lines: Not only is the focus on the highest quality requirements in terms of cuts, fits, materials as well as coloring and printing techniques, but each piece of the collection is also “made in Europe”. All items are exclusively produced at facilities guaranteeing seamless tracking of the individual manufacturing steps. In terms of sales, the label is represented by renowned fashion and lifestyle agencies on the German as well as the European market.